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July 27, 2019

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Vancouver Community Meetup

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Twitch Vancouver Community Meetup is a non-profit group hosting fun, social events for content creators, game developers, industry professionals, gamers, creatives, and fans in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

We were the first city to host a Twitch meetup back in early 2015, helping to shape the official Twitch Meetup program for other cities around the world to operate under. The group was founded by Clara Sia (SeriouslyClara) and is run by a hard-working team of volunteers.

Our events continue to grow, start new conversations, facilitate partnerships, and bring together the most passionate community of creators you can imagine.

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July 27, 2019

Join us at our next social meetup event for content creators, game developers, industry professionals, gamers, creatives, and fans.

Everyone aged 19 and up is welcome to attend our meetups! Our pre-meetup mixer is for all ages. Our events feature playable game demos, a live stream, raffle giveaways, a creative corner, sponsor showcases, artists, a VIP lounge, and more. Our events are free to attend, thanks to our patrons, esteemed sponsors, and guest donations.

Let us know you're coming as a content creator, and we might invite you to be on our live stream, which usually airs on Twitch's front page! Game devs can apply to bring their demos - this includes VR! And we're always looking for more sponsors to partner with! Check out our general FAQs.

Register at our meetup page to get email alerts for future events. You can also check out our previous event photos.

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Vancouver Film School
Animation Campus
151 West Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1E1


12 PM* - 12 AM
*Pre-meetup mixer at 12 PM
Early access at 5 PM
General admission at 6 PM
More VIP perks

Food & Drink

Bar service on premise
Get priority line access
Snacks for purchase
The Cambie across the street


Vancouver Film School

151 West Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1E1

VFS's many downtown campuses offer a plethora of opportunities for event hosting. The school offers 13 world-class, post-secondary programs—spanning every aspect of the entertainment arts—that are developed and taught by award-winning industry professionals. Students are physically and mentally immersed in Vancouver’s film, animation, game, and design industries that surround our campuses, and benefit from career guidance and expertise from industry mentors, instructors, and guest speakers.

Visit VFS's Website

Our Esteemed Sponsors

Our events wouldn't be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors.
Thank you so much to the following sponsors for powering the July 2019 event.
If you'd like to sponsor our July 27 event, please check out our Sponsorship Deck or email us.

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Our meetups would be nothing without the people behind them. Please meet the passionate do-gooders who make all the magic happen. Want to join them? Apply here.

Clara Sia
Clara Sia Founded 2015

Twitch has given me so much and I love Vancouver, so it only made sense to give back to both of these communities by bringing them all together.

Operational Coordinator
Cheryl R
Cheryl R Volunteer since 2015

I can usually be found helping wherever is needed, as I support all volunteers and help coordinate our events operations!

Administrative Coordinator
Julie Lanyon
Julie Lanyon Volunteer since 2015

I am the paper pusher and I constantly scold Clara about breaking the budget to make our meetups amazing! Just call me The Money Lady. You can usually find me at the raffle table during meetups!

Technical Coordinator
Colin Volunteer since 2016

I came to my first meetup to play demos, and ended up meeting some cool people, too. Usually dashing about doing six things at once nowadays, but I still love me a good demo.

Stream Coordinator
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Volunteer since 2016

I first volunteered at the Monstercat meet in February 2016 and I've been a part of this amazing team ever since! You can always find me at the streaming area making sure things run smoothly and placing them Kappa's in chat.

Andy Volunteer since 2016

Greeting you at the door since 2016.

Raffle Attendant, Social Media
Angela Mackay
Angela Mackay Volunteer since 2018

I started volunteering to make new friends and be one of the cool kids. I can be found wheeling and dealing raffle tickets, smashing likes on social media and in general just gettin ‘er done.

Demo Assistant
Brad Volunteer since 2017

He's conscientious and trustworthy. He always has cheese in his pocket. He once shook hands with a giraffe.

Raffle Attendant, General Helper
Cayanne C
Cayanne C Volunteer since 2018

Went to my first event in April 2018 and haven't looked back! I tend to go where I'm needed, but I can mostly be found at the raffle table slingin' tickets.

Chris Volunteer since 2016

Door Attendant
Jason E
Jason E Volunteer since 2017

Been attending since 2015, decided to start volunteering in 2017 and have been doing so ever since. Usually found manning the guest list at the door!

Jean Volunteer since 2016

Multi-tasker Extraordinaire
Kate Hall
Kate Hall Volunteer since 2016

Been a volunteer since early 2016. I've enjoyed working with such a passionate team of volunteers as the meetups get bigger every year. You'll find me all over the place, helping where needed.

Kyle Volunteer since 2018

Pawnce Volunteer since 2015

Sydney Volunteer since 2016

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